With perfect facilities, constant research and advanced technology.

SYC produces convenient and hygienic paper cartons, SYC has various production equipment such as offset printing presses and adopts the best printing method for various designs to produce a variety of paper cartons that are beautiful in appearance and meet the specific needs of consumers. Located in Gumi Industrial Complex, SYC produces quality products through continuous research and continuous improvement activities under pleasant environment. Currently supplying to the leading milk companies in Korea, SYC is recognized for its quality control, warehouse management, and transportation management capability with its excellent printing and sealing technology.

Carton size Thickness(㎛) Weight(g/m2) Moisture(%)
200mL 0.360±0.25% 295±5% 5±2%
500mL 0.414±0.25% 324±5%
1000mL 0.455±0.25% 355±5%