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As an eco-friendly company, Samyoung Chemical will make your future life happier as a world-class electronic film and packaging film leader. Samyoung Chemical plants in Cheongju, Gumi, and Vietnam are striving to realize customer satisfaction by introducing a quality management system.

Cheongju Factory

It is a film made from polypropylene as a raw material and extruded by the T-DIE method and then biaxially stretched by longitudinal and transverse stretching. By producing BOPP film for the first time in Korea, we are solidifying our leading position in technology, productivity and quality.


It is a non-stretched film using polypropylene as a raw material and extruded by the T-DIE method.


As a core material for capacitors that stabilize the flow of electricity in all electrical and electronic products, as the only domestic and third-largest producer in the world, capacitor films are It is a core material used for capacitors used in general electric and electronic products.
Currently, 3 lines are producing 550 tons per month and supplying them to domestic and overseas markets. In line with the increasing demand for thin films and ultra-thin films, we are building one production line with the goal of production in the second quarter of 2023.

The 2.3㎛ ultra-thin capacitor film, which was recently developed, is currently undergoing quality tests for eco-friendly vehicles, and has exceeded the standard time for reliability and thermal shock tests.


To replace PVC wrap film, PO (PolyOlefine) wrap, which is being developed as a national project, is under development for three years, and quality upgrades and stabilization are underway under the R&D support of the Ministry of Environment. As the quality of the wrap film used for agricultural products, cooked food and livestock products has reached 95% of that of PVC wrap, we are in discussions with 5 major supermarkets for quality testing, etc. There is.

- PE STRETCH FILM(industrial use)

Samyoung Stretch Film has excellent film strength, so it is strong against shaking and external stress during transport and storage of the enveloped object. In addition, the film's excellent elongation rate contributes to cost reduction by reducing the use of packaging materials per unit area.

Gumi Factory

Paper milk cartons produced at the Gumi Plant boast perfect hygiene, optimal print quality, and reasonable prices. We are equipped with perfect facilities to produce paper milk cartons and produce products of various specifications according to the various tastes of consumers.


Samyoung Chemical’s Vietnam plant, established in Dong Nai, Vietnam, is producing PVC WRAP for food, and it is a product approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is widely used.