Leading a new future of the capacitor film industry with cutting-edge technology and know-how.

SYC capacitor film delivers excellent consistency and property of film thickness in the Tenter engineering. The first PP film for capacitor in Korea developed based on our film experience and technologies accumulated for the last 25 years delivers excellent consistency and property of film thickness as one oriented film in the Tender engineering, In particular, ultra- thin film (under 3.0㎛) is a technology that can be produced only in the world's advanced countries, and SYC has contributed greatly to the development of the domestic film industry by succeeding production in the world.

We will lead the high value added industry for the future through the production of ultra-thin film of the next generation eco-friendly vehicle.

Ultra-thin capacitor film is used as one of the core components of the hybrid car. SYC is making efforts to lead the world market by developing and manufacturing ultra-thin film with 2.5㎛ or less within the shortest time based on accumulated technology The ultra-thin, heat-resistant polypropylene bi-axially oriented film is a film that is dieerentiated in terms of both internal and external properties from the commercially available polypropylene film for capacitors larger than 4.0㎛.

Capacitor film for hybrid car, EV, FCEV, PHEV has more than 30% of thermal durability compared to existing film, and it is a special film that has greatly improved heat resistance mechanical strength, and electrical characteristics, and reduces both the size and weight of the capacitor.

Types of electric vehicles
HEV(Hybird Electric Vehicles)

hybrid car

PHEV(Plug-in Hybird Electric Vehicles)

plug-in hybrid car

BEV(Battery Electric Vehicles)

electric car

FCEV(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles)

hydrogen fueled electric vehicle

Thickness(㎛) Width(mm) Length(m)
2.3 620 24,000~60,000
2.5 620 24,000~60,000
2.8 620 24,000~60,000
3.0 620 24,000~60,000
3.2 620 24,000~60,000
3.5 620 24,000~60,000
4.0 450~1,100 24,000~60,000
4.5 450~1,100 24,000~53,000
5.0 450~1,100 24,000~47,000
5.5 450~1,100 24,000~43,000
Thickness(㎛) Width(mm) Length(m)
6.0 450~1,100 20,000~39,000
6.5 450~1,100 19,000~36,000
7.0 450~1,100 17,000~33,000
7.5 450~1,100 16,000~31,000
8.0 450~1,100 15,000~30,000
9.0 450~1,100 14,000~26,000
10.0 450~1,100 12,000~23,000
11.0 450~1,100 11,000~21,000
12.0 450~1,100 10,000~20,000
13.0 450~1,100 9,000~18,500