PE STRETCH FILM(industrial use)

SYC Stretch film excels in film strength and is robust against shaking and external stress during transport and storage of the goods.

In addition, the film's elongation is excellent, which contributes to cost reduction by reducing the use of packaging materials per unit area.

Applications Caliper(㎛) Length(m) Width(mm)
For industrial use 15 300-2,400 300-800
Features of PE Stretch Film
  • 1)As the multilayer film has excellent elongation and contractibility, the amount of packaging materials per unit area is reduced.
  • 2)Excellent elasticity and adhesion suitable for packaging.
  • 3)Excellent tear strength against external impact and square corners.
  • 4)There is no need for separate working people and auxiliary devices, which reduces the cost.
  • 5)Excellent transparency and glossiness increase product value.