CPP film is an unstretched film produced in the T-die pneumatic launching method with polypropylene as main material.

It is hygienic, odorless, and non,toxic with excellent thickness uniformity, transparency and heat adhesion.

Description Applications Caliper(㎛)
MCA For lamination with other purpose film 20, 30, 40
MCF For protection of goods 20, 40, 50
MCR For pouches 60, 70, 80
MCHR For pouches 60, 70, 80
MCGL For mushroom packaging 30
MCI For ice cream packaging 20, 30
MCW For disposable napkin packaging 30
Features of CPP films
  • 1)Excellent heat adhesion.
  • 2)Excellent impact strength.
  • 3)CPP film is rarely used alone, and it is used for lamination with other purpose film(OPP/PET).